MentalStones is a platform that was devised by Tito Díaz and El Estado Mental for the production, execution and dissemination of artistic projects in different formats.

The platform consists of both a physical and a virtual space:

The MentalStones site

is a physical space, created by Tito Díaz, based around an ancient olive tree that stands in the region of the Ebro Delta near Tortosa.

By creating a quadrangle flanked by large solid stone blocks he has demarcated a terrain which is accessed from the outside by seven carved stone steps.

Dominated by the olive tree, which like an axis mundi unites the sky and the earth, and protected by the stones that completely surround it in the form of a walled garden, the resulting space is a geomantic installation in itself that demarcates an inside and an outside, and is also proposed as a specific working site that is open to the collaboration of other artists for experimentation in nature.

The MentalStones site will have a programme of activities that will be filmed or documented and in all cases will be available on our website. Certain actions will be broadcast by streaming, held live, or can be visited for as long as they are installed in this location.

The MentalStones site offers the necessary infrastructure for producing on-site artistic installations.

These projects will be selected from those that have been uploaded for this purpose to our website.


The MentalStones website

is an open social network that allows artistic projects in any format or discipline to be displayed, disseminated and commented on.

Although it is freely navigable, you need to register as a user to join the MentalStones network, which is free of charge.

Once they have registered, users are free to manage the format, content, cadence and timescale of their projects on the website.

The site offers a broad range of content editing tools which includes the option of adding links, titles, texts, fixed or sequenced images and video or sound files, in an easily-ordered format with a preview option before loading.

Once the requirements for editing and loading material have been completed, the project will be displayed in order of posting on the front page of the website.

The MentalStones website is intended as a meeting place for artists and creators, whether individuals or groups, as well as influencers, curators, enthusiasts and experts.

The Project has been conceived as a free and experimental working space, with no thematic or spatial limitations, which might encompass a single idea, a sketch, a work in progress, a finished project, even an exhibited or published object, by an individual or a group.

The format offers the possibility of making both public and private comments on the projects published.

Every project can be updated, edited or deleted by its creator at any time.

The project coordination team will remove from the website any posts that are purely for propaganda purposes or that lack the common courtesy expected and required of public messages.

The copyright of any of the elements included in the project should belong to the creators themselves or be freely available for use. The MentalStones website is a repository for other people’s work and, as such, we cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for their content.