Basically, I want to tell the story about hidden space junk with future images: an art intervention. I've had the images for something like this when i heard the story of the British astronaut Piers Sellers. I was entranced this guy dropped his spatula in space. The more I read and saw the more I realized how dangerous it the junk could wipe out at the International Space Station. I did some read on websites and discovered all these other kinds of space junk. An American astronaut lost his glove. The image of the solitary glove spinning around in orbit above us, I found the image so melancholic, but also kind of hilarious. The final propose will be a reflection through the glitchy images, a new manner of view the space junk, and an artistic way that aims to tell the story about space debris in a way that provokes the beholder to connect with it emotionally.

Je veux que tu plonges dans la profonde... et magnifique mélancolie de tout ce qui est arrivé..

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